The women behind Popomax

Engineers Ewa Romö and Kersti Kempe founded Popomax. It was their passion for wanting to create useful and functional, yet stylish products of high quality that led them to taking the step from being employees in a large company to starting their own business in 2002. A lot has happened since the first Glimmis was produced in 2003. Before then it was difficult to find appealing, fun reflectors. The cool and stylish Glimmis reflectors have revolutionised the Swedish, and even the international reflector market. Their success lead to the development of more products with quality and design in focus.






- Your creative partner

We adapt our product portfolio to suit your business needs or ideas. Creative cooperation with well known brands has has successfully led to new designs such as: Alfie, Barbapapa, Moomins, Pippi Longstocking, Ice Age and Bolibompa. We are also happy to produce bespoke products exclusively for your company’s needs. One example of this is The Breast Cancer Fund. We produced their well known Pink Ribbon as a reflector.

Our motto is to be creative, open and attentive to your company’s needs. It’s all about good cooperation. This way we are able to design and deliver high quality products that suit your requirements.We design ourselves and produce in Sweden which means that we have a quick, flexible and reliable production of our products with a very high standard of quality.

We work with both retail stores and businesses as well as companies that require their own unique product.

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